1.  I’ve got no boxing experience, can I still do a class?

Of course! You don’t need any level of boxing experience to join in on the classes.

2.  Is there any full contact boxing?

Typically not, unless you speak with one of our trainers and organise a sparring session. These are at your own discretion. Classes are all non contact.

3.  Do I need to be fit to box?

No. But our job is to get you there.

4.  Can I train casually with one of the personal trainers?

Yes, personal training can be bought as individual sessions or in blocks of 10.

5.  What kind of skills will I learn?

A range of skills and techniques will be taught from proper punching, how to use the bags and equipment effectively, proper boxing stance, how to defend yourself. We use a well rounded training program to get you to improve your fitness and your ability.

6.  Is it OK for women to train at Round One?

Absolutely. We encourage women to participate in classes and one-on-one sessions. In fact, about half of all Round One’s clients are female.

7.  What about kids?

At this stage we don’t have the capacity to train people under the age of 16, but it is something we are looking at developing.

8.  Does the gym have showers and change room faculties?

Yes, there are change rooms and showers available for client use.

9.  What if I don’t own boxing gloves?

We have gloves available for casual use. We can also help you source your own pair.

10. What do I wear to training?

Comfortable is the key here. Generally people wear track pants and a t-shirt. Please note you must have appropriate footwear such as running shoes, sneakers or boxing boots. We won’t train anyone with open toed shoes.

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