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Reg Jeka

Reg has been involved in all aspect of boxing for over 20 years, from competing through to training fighters. During this time he has won several State and National Amateur Titles, and has trained several State and National Champions.

Reg has a professional Boxing Trainers Licence and is a qualified strength and conditioning coach. He brings his depth of experience and knowledge with him to all his personal training sessions, giving clients the confidence and guidance of a robust trainer.

“Balance is the key”
Chris Gauntlett

Chris brings a broad range of skills and experiences to his training sessions.  In addition to being a boxing trainer, Chris is a qualified remedial massage therapist and strength and conditioning coach.

Training sessions with Chris are fun and innovative, with a focus on developing correct technique, balanced functional strength and sound body mechanics.

“How dare these boxers challenge me with their primitive skills? It makes me angry.”
Mike Tyson

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